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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 29, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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to see him tomorrow in cincinnati, something tells me you out to prepare for a long lineal may want to wear your comfy shoes. we'll see. many in as they can to see him. if you're planning to turn out tomorrow, something tells me you may want to be prepared for a long line and wear comfy shoes. "first look" is up next. it is wednesday, july 29th. right now on "first look," new revelations about tom brady and deflategate. the claim is that they destroyed evidence. the two that helped two convicted killers escape. a be bedentist kills a lion that's supposed to be protected. the zoo is in hot water. and how a cyclists clears a
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bike lane. "first look" starts now. hello everybody. thanks for joining us today. i'm betty nguyen. the nfl is upholding brady's suspension with a bomb shell piece of information that brady had his cell phone destroyed. smashed phone leads to roger goodell sacking brady's appeal. rob starts us off. >> six months after it blew up into a major sports scandal, deflategate appears headed for more controversy, heavy court. the court saying the quarterback destroyed his cell phone and 10,000 text messages putting the ball in the hands of the players association which is vowed to continue the fight to seek a court injunction allowing him to play. >> it is definitely a bomb
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shell. fromfvá public perception that's quite possibly the death for tom brady. >> ted wells concluded quote brady was genuinely aware of the team's balls being intended below the specifications. assistants had texted about brady and deflated footballs. the nfl said brady insisted the assistant to destroy cell phone and sim cards before meeting wells. >> this doesn't look good for brady at all. i don't care how it looks. you have no right to see my cell phone. >> the super bowl, brady and patriots won in dramatic fashion. with teams hitting the field this week for the start of training camps, the issue seems far from resofed.
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patriot fans see the deflategate as jealously run muck. spy we're learning how two convicted murderers were able to break out of maximum security prison last month. in the confession mitchell plead guilty idea in helping the two escape. msnbc has learned about the plot and plan to help the two escape. >> with a tearful signature, joyce mitchell admitted she smuggled hacksaw blades glasses, wipes, other tools into the prison for convicted killers sweat and matt who da says used them to escape. >> she's been depressed, remorseful for what she did.
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>> hitch el spoke to verdict investigators 20 hours ss four days. she tells of giving matt and sweat rum and performing sexual acts on one of them. she said i enjoyed the feeling and attention both gave me and sthauth of a different life. matt and sweat gave her a list of what to bring, cell phone, gps, clothes, a shotgun, tents, sleeping bags hatchet, fishing pole, money. matt call added mitchell's husband lyle the glitch and gave joyce two white pills to drug him. the plan was for has the to kill lyle when they escaped. she couldn't go through with it and never showed up. she told investigators i'm really sorry for what i've done. >> what it came down to is sweat
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and matt manipulating the individual to allow them to accomplish their ultimate goal. i really do love my husband, she said. he's the reason i didn't meet inmate matt and sweat. after visiting his wife in jail he stands by his wife. >> why? >> i love her. >> that was john yang reporting. mitchell could get up to seven years in prison when sentenced next month. it is day five in the search is for the missing 14-year-old boys that never came home off the coast of florida. the coast guard suffered 31 nautical miles. they say it's like trying to spot a basketball floating in the ocean fromx>q a plane 500 feet up traveling 170 miles per hour. the families are still hopeful the two are out there somewhere alive. an ohio man is heading to
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court today after jumping a barrier and petting cougars at a zoo. josh recorded the interaction and and posted it on youtube. he's seen going over the barrier to pet the animals. he's now facing trespassing from the zoo. the barriers are there for a reason. now to another story about a big cat. one heartbreaking drawing outrage. a beloved lion living in a park in zimbabwe was hunted and killed by an american dentist. that man is defending himself. kevin reports. >> cecil was the pride of zimbabwe big cat with a recognizable black mane and relaxed nature. he was a touristive favorite. earlier this month cecil was killed, lure ed from the safety of a reserve. hit first with a bow and arrow
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finished 40 hours later with a guchb then skinned, his head removed. the killing sparked global outrage. >> in the big picture saying we're killing lions if for sport when we know they're threatened with distinction. >> the man responsible is a dentist from minnesota. a life long hunter palmer. he said he hired professional guides and they secured all proper permits adding i had no idea the lion i took was a known local favorite n. zimbabwe the national park authority says two men with palmer have been charged with poaching this is where most of us get close to the big cats at zoo. some hunters are willing to pay thousands to kill one on a safari. some say he paid as much as $54,000. palmer says i deeply regret the pursuit of sport i love resulted
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in the taking of this lion. he adds that he'll cooperate with any investigation. nbc news chicago. coming up on eight minutes past the hour. time to get down to business with morgan. >> good morning. stocks snapped a losing streak yesterday. the fed wrapping up two day meeting with investors looking at clues at when it may begin raising interest rates. watch stock of twitter today. that falling 12% after it reported quarterly reports of no growth. the social media site has yet to0 become a quote mass market product. amazon wants to one day deliver items to your door with a drone.
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the company is proposing drone zones for high speed drones with a 100 foot no fly zone as a buffer between drones and other air crafts. >> interesting. okay. thank you. now to sports. kansas city taking on cleveland. eric puts the royals up a run with a ninth inning homer. in the bottom of the ninth, just jaw dropping. >> to escobar. unbelievable. >> beautiful. like they drew it up. flip of the glove, bare handed rocket launch of a throw by escobar. casey wins it 2-1. red sox outfielder bets sacrifices his body hopping over the outfield wall. he actually hurt himself doing it. they looked at replay and looks like he caught it nope he
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dropped it. that my friends is a home run. talk about adding insult to injury. two days from mlb trade day. now he's heading to nationals in exchange for major league prospect. in golf this week tiger woods is getting ready. the four time major champion is ranked 266 in the world. >> it's frustrating not to be able to win golf courts. i'm not in contention very often. so that apart is frustrating. i know how close it feels. i know that i just need a couple shots here and there. it turns to pie. this sophomore kicker has got skills. stacey holings worth posted this trick shot to twitter. it's very cool. remember no matter how you kick it, field goals are still three points.
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how's this for a landslide? caught on camera in japan, the side of the mountain suddenly collapses. the third landslide in the area in about a month due to rain they've been having. look at them going down the canal. let's talk about the heat. that's the story of the day. this could be the hottest day of the year in the northeast and few spots in the deep south. heat warnings for philadelphia area heat advisory in new york city and greater hartford area and little section of southern mass. we have a larger area of heat warning down the mississippi river, st. louis, memphis, greenville. heat advisory tallahassee. brutally hot and dangerously hot. the overnight lows don't cool
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off. you don't get relief. peels like 90 memphis, 93 st. louis. when sun is coming up in the northeast, feels like 81. st. louis 101 today. one of the hottest parts memphis, will feel 110. notice temperatures in the days ahead goes down. you get relief. not so in the northeast. mid-90s philly to new york albany heat indexes. thursday could feel 102. st. louis and areas of missouri where it's been hot all summer, they get a break. >> got to share the love or the heat other. thank you. stories making news. a key west man has been charged with trying to use a backpack bomb in a terror plot. he allegedly had plans to blow up a bomb at a south florida beach. the 23-year-old isis!ñ sympathizer was arrested when he received a
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fake bomb from the fbi he thought was real. texas if officials have released booking video of sandra bland to combat rumors she was dead when booked. video shows her entering the jailhouse and getting a mug shot. she committed suicide three days after being pulled over for a traffic violation. an 8-year-old in philadelphia made history. the first child ever to receive a double hand transplant when he was two. his hands and feet were amputated after he contracted a life threatening infection. this shows one frustrated bicyclist lifting up and moving a car with his bare hands. that car is parked in a bike lane. the strength of this guy shocked
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people and people could be heard cheering him on. big celebrities are backing the iran deal. a few of president obama's unforgettable moments in africa. "scrambled politics" is next. because you switched wireless wagnood sugar levels.
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for boehner to vacate the chair. he hopes to start a conversation about republicans in leadership. no speaker has been ousted and only been tried once before. tuesday, hillary clinton once again dodged a question about the controversial keystone pipeline. she was asked if she would sign a bill in favor of it she said quote, if it's undecided when i become president i'll answer your question. everyone seems to have an opinion on recent nuclear deal with iran. now a few celebrities are weighing in. >> the agreement on the table is best way to insure iran doesn't build a [ bleep ] bomb. >> do me a favor, okay. don't let them hot headed member of congress screw that up. >> it's actually not all that funny. >> in the video, morgan freeman, jack black ask americans to pledge support for the president's deal. president obama is back in
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the u.s. following his five day trip to africa. at one point he said he didn't know why leaders stay in office so long. >> i actually think i'm a pretty good president. i think if i ran, i could win, but i can't. >> mr. obama went onto say he was looking forward to life after the white house. the president stayed busy in africa. as daily show host jon stewart explains some moments were unforgettable, others not so much. >> went to visit lucy, possibly the oldest fossil in the world. >> the president toured a fooded processing facile isty he met-- food processing facility where the farmer increased her corn three times -- >> look at the president looking at the common ancestor of all
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man kind and look at his corn face. that is a guy who's like, you know we have corn right? >> and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." all right. coming up on 22 minutes past the hour. we want to bring in jonathan allen, chief political correspondent for vox. >> good morning. that last segment was pretty corny. >> here all week i see. let's get to the push to oust house speaker john boehner. what is this about? >> it's frustration with john boehner not being destructive or destructive must have. i think it's weird republicans look around the room and say real problem is inability to get things we want done which is@swr(t&hz john boehner. it's an unusual thought. i don't think it will be successful attempt to oust him. it's certainly as the congressman says is likely to spark conversation. >> that indeed.
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it's almost unheard of this move. is it indication boehner is losing control of the party. >> the question of whether he has control at all is a good one. not sure he's losing something he doesn't entirely have. >> why is that? >> to folks in the back benches, folks on the grass roots activist level feel like boehner has not been a perfect ally to tea party movement to some of the vibes within the republican party. he's facing backlash. >> talk about backlash. let's move over to senate. ted cruz seems to be alien eightat eight yat -- alien yaiting himself. is this strategy? >> this is one of the things portraying himself as an outsider. all insiders hate him, particularly mitch mcconnel, senate majority leader whom he
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called a liar the other day. the ted cruz has alienated colleagues and that allows him to go on the campaign trail and say nobody in washington can stand me because they're the problem. >> you mentioned mcconnel. he summoned a gop leader. did that do damage control? >> i think it did. mcconnel called out conservatives. that's been helpful showing the majority of their caucus is not with them. >> you are definitely not corny my friend. appreciate your insight. thank you. >> thank you. a new marvel series every six months?g yep, that's what they're saying. "are "breaking fanbad" fans, you can now buy a part of the show. next next. [ female announcer ] take skincare to the next level with roc®
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all right. all you fans listen up because yesterday netflix announced plans to release a new marvel series every six months. heard that right. the first new shows will revolve about the avengers like group. for "breaking bad" fans you can own the home used for exterior shots on the show. it's on the market for cool $1.6 million. as realtors noticed in the press release bill there's no meth lab included. >> no one chained up in the basement or holes in the floor? >> that's an added fee. for anyone planning a summer
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trip jimmy fallon went through pros and cons. >> come fighting with your family in new and exotic locations. pro is something you'll talk about years to come. con, with your therapist. pro, using a selfie stick to take a family photo, con, you don't have a selfie stick and ask your least favorite child to do it. "way too early" starts now. doesn't like it and doesn't want to+iáttu)páe it. boohoo. we stand for herkamerica. >> i don't need lessons about how we represent. >> fireworks as secretary of state john kerry tries to sell congress on iran nuclear deal. the big question now, are lawmakers buying it? we thought we heard it all. the details surrounding the upstate new york prison break as the woman who helped headache it
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happen enters a guilty plea. and outrage after a man kills a beloved lion for sport. this is a show that loves all sports. this one just doesn't feel right. good morning. it's wednesday, july 29th. i'm ayman mohyeldin. we begin in florida in what the fbi says is latest attack by isis sympathizers. the plot was in key west 150 miles from miami. this is the suspect, nows ss facing life in prison for allegedly


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